The Brunswick Sheriff’s Charitable Foundation was the vision of former Sheriff John W. Ingram, V and was established in 2012.  The Foundation is dedicated to actively serve the people of Brunswick County by building permanent charitable capital to support programs and provide services that enhance the quality of life for all its citizens.The BSCF has awarded more than $191,000 to Brunswick County charities since formation in 2012. Each year in the fall, the Foundation accepts applications from charitable and non-profit organizations located in Brunswick County, NC.  The recipient(s) will receive a donation from the proceeds of the Annual Sheriff’s Charity Ball.  Donations will vary from year to year based on the success of the event.  

The Foundation has selected two recipients to receive proceeds from our next Diamonds & Denim Charity Ball on March 1, 2024. These two non profit organizations are Christian Recovery Centers, Inc. and At Liberty Connections, Inc.

The Foundation expresses its gratitude to all the supporters, volunteers, sponsors and businesses that have contributed to our success over the past few years.