Step into the world of compassion and community impact with the Brunswick Sheriff’s Charitable Foundation (BSCF). Born from the visionary mind of former Sheriff John W. Ingram, V, the foundation took shape in 2012, fueled by a commitment to actively serve the people of Brunswick County.

Immerse yourself in a legacy dedicated to building lasting charitable capital, creating a ripple effect that enhances the quality of life for every citizen. Since its inception, the BSCF has become a beacon of generosity, having proudly awarded over $191,000 to Brunswick County charities. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the tangible impact on lives and the flourishing of organizations that strive to make a difference.

Each year, the Foundation opens its arms to charitable and non-profit organizations in Brunswick County, NC. An annual ritual unfolds as applications are welcomed, creating a gateway for those striving to bring positive change. The anticipation builds, leading to a culmination that embodies the spirit of giving—the annual Denim & Diamonds Sheriff’s Charity Ball.  Two remarkable non-profit organizations, Christian Recovery Centers, Inc. and At Liberty Connections, Inc., have been chosen as the torchbearers of the foundation’s benevolence. Picture the impact, envision the transformation, and get ready to witness the power of community coming together for a cause.

A heartfelt acknowledgment echoes from the foundation to the supporters, volunteers, sponsors, and businesses that have been instrumental in their journey. It’s a symphony of gratitude, a recognition of the collaborative effort that has fueled the foundation’s success over the years. Join the chorus of change, and let’s continue creating a legacy of compassion and community upliftment with the Brunswick Sheriff’s Charitable Foundation.